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Enterprise IoT and Total Enterprise Architecture Awesome Scenario #1: Delve Analytics

[Caveat: Delve Analytics (and the Microsoft Office Graph) strictly speaking do not use any of the Azure services that support the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.  That being said Delve Analytics is a great example of what the analysis experience might be like.  Maybe some day there will be a direct pipe from Azure Event Hubs/Stream Analytics/Data Factory into the Office Graph.  Given this crosses product group boundaries, I wouldn’t expect this to come about any time soon.]

Today, I ran across this 9 minute video with Ryan Fuller about a new Office Graph capability called Delve Analytics.

This video is an absolutely great example of the Enterprise IoT landscape I talked about in my article from a couple days ago: External IoT vs. Internal IoT: Beware of the Hype Cycle.  … an absolutely perfect example.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video Introducing Delve Analytics in Office 365 (April 6, 2016).

Watch it …it’s only 9 minutes.

Michael Herman (Toronto)

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