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Enterprise IoT and Total Enterprise Architecture Awesome Scenario #1: Delve Analytics

[Caveat: Delve Analytics (and the Microsoft Office Graph) strictly speaking do not use any of the Azure services that support the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.  That being said Delve Analytics is a great example of what the analysis experience might be like.  Maybe some day there will be a direct pipe from Azure Event Hubs/Stream Analytics/Data Factory into the Office Graph.  Given this crosses product group boundaries, I wouldn’t expect this to come about any time soon.]

Today, I ran across this 9 minute video with Ryan Fuller about a new Office Graph capability called Delve Analytics.

This video is an absolutely great example of the Enterprise IoT landscape I talked about in my article from a couple days ago: External IoT vs. Internal IoT: Beware of the Hype Cycle.  … an absolutely perfect example.

Here’s a link to the YouTube video Introducing Delve Analytics in Office 365 (April 6, 2016).

Watch it …it’s only 9 minutes.

Michael Herman (Toronto)

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External IoT vs. Internal IoT: Beware of the Hype Cycle

Subtitle: Fusing Enterprise IoT and Traditional Enterprise Architecture


External IoT – External world of devices, events, connections, storage, and analysis; the “traditional” Internet of Things; the world of devices outside the enterprise.

Internal IoT – Internal world within the enterprise consisting of business processes, business objects, actors and roles; application components, application services, application functionality, and data objects; and lastly, infrastructure consisting of servers, networks, data stores, foundation services, and foundational functionality. The “hum” within an Enterprise.

Enterprise IoT – The confluence or integration of External IoT and Internal IoT landscapes centered around a particular enterprise organization. Often represented and accessed as an enterprise graph.

Ecosystem IoT – The confluence or integration of 2 or more separate Enterprise IoT landscapes (complete or partial) centered around a specific ecosystem or community. Supporting Federated Enterprise Architecture.


Do some of these latter terms sound familiar?  If so, you likely have some exposure, background, and experience with the practice of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM).  Having lived on both sides of the IoT divide for more than a decade, it’s interesting to watch how the current rage around IoT is almost exclusively focused on External IoT and it’s coupling to Business Intelligence and Analysis.

What about what’s happening inside the business, information, application and infrastructure architecture of our own enterprises? …regardless of whether the “things” are internal to your organization, external to your organization, or, possibly, part of someone else’s organization (e.g. owned by a client, customer, partner, …), it’s all part of the Enterprise IoT landscape.

A good name for the combination of External IoT and Internal IoT is the “Enterprise of Things” …but another organization is already using this term.

Ultimately, this is all about the Internet of Things merged and being combined with Enterprise Architecture Management: Enterprise IoT.

“More news at 11…”

Michael Herman (Toronto)


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