About Michael Herman (Toronto)

Living at the intersection of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Knowledge, and Data Science

This is my personal blog.  I’m Michael Herman, a technology veteran and enterprise architect, originally from Calgary, Alberta – now living in Seattle, Washington and Toronto, Canada.  Most people will know me as a “SharePoint guy” who worked for Microsoft Consulting Services and the SharePoint product group as an FTE for the launch of SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and then as a consultant to the product group for SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, and SharePoint 2010.

Following my time at Microsoft, I founded Parallelspace Corporation, a boutique enterprise collaboration consulting organization that specialized in Truly Collaborative™ business solutions based on SharePoint, Exchange and Outlook, and Groove Networks Workspace.

Today, I work as both a SharePoint consultant and as an architect with broad and deep experience in the fields of enterprise architecture, product management, change management and business transformation.

The independent views expressed in these articles are my own.


Hyperonomy is the practice of bringing order to data and information to gain increased insight and understanding.  For me, in a practical sense, this is about the convergence of enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise architecture and hyper taxonomies.

A hyponymy shows the relationship between the more general terms (hypernyms) and the more specific instances of it (hyponyms). A hyponym is a word or phrase whose meaning is more specific than its hypernym. The scope of a hypernym is broader than that of a hyponym.

Please feel free to contact me at mwherman@parallelspace.net

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