FYHumor: A list of humorous Internet of Things (IoT) and other sightings

Rather than pollute my blog with several FYHumor IoT postings, I’ll gather them here into this single article (reverse chronological order).  Some of these listing might be a bit on the “colorful” side …even judged in poor taste by some.  Others might judged to not even be funny. Caveat Emptor

4. This was tweeted yesterday…


3. Just took the socks out of the dryer: Does anyone know of an Event/IoT Hub and Machine Learning module that will sort and fold socks?

2. “If you don’t have a real office, does that make you an Internet Thing?”  Michael Herman, April 2016.

Have a great day wherever you are and to whatever you’re connect to.

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1.  External IoT gone too far …


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