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Glossary: Controlled Vocabulary, Dictionary, Glossary, Grammar, Taxonomy, Folksonomy, Ontology, Semantic Network, Knowledge Graph


Controlled Vocabulary (Vocabulary) – list of distinct, selected terms or keywords

Dictionary or Glossary – a vocabulary with definition(s)

Grammar – a set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given language

Taxonomy – terms from a vocabulary, dictionary or glossary that are structured or organized by a classification system that is most often hierarchical in nature (but this is not a requirement).

Folksonomy – terms from a vocabulary, dictionary or glossary are categorized by a set of users’ tags or keywords.

Ontology, Semantic Network, Knowledge Graphs – superset of capabilities relative to a taxonomy that includes properties (with or without data types) as well as potentially arbitrary interrelationships; a set of types, properties, and relationships.

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