Trusted Digital Web: First Trusted Web Page Delivered Today – Dec. 3, 2019

Copyright (c) 2019 Michael Herman (Alberta, Canada) – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

Ahead of schedule, the first trusted web page was delivered today on the Trusted Digital Webend-to-end – from a Trusted Digital Web – Data Registry service to a Trusted Digital Assistant client application – using didttp: (DID Trusted Transport Protocol).

The Trusted Digital Web Communication Protocols (include ddttp:) are described in Appendix E of the Trusted Digital Web: Whitepaper.

NOTE: The Trusted Digital Web is built on top of and relies on trusted, everyday Internet protocols, services, and specifications such as DNS (Domain Name Service).  If you’re unfamiliar with DNS at a technical level, checkout DNS (Domain Name Service): A Detailed, High-level Overview.

NOTE: The UDID Data Registry is a fork of DNS Server ( Thank you Shreyas Zare.

Here’s some screenshots to document this significant event.

Trusted Digital Web – Data Registry Service

Create the did:foo DID method



Browse method did:foo


Create the did:foo:Home signed credential



Add a DIDTXT claim to the did:foo:Home signed credential

The DIDTXT claim will hold the contents of the index.html web page.



Trusted Digital Assistant Client Application

Start the Trusted Digital Assistant

Navigate to a conventional web page (e.g.


Navigate to another web page using didttp: (DID Trusted Transport Protocol)



To learn more about the Trusted Digital Web project, checkout Trusted Digital Web: Whitepaper.

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