How do I model “X” using ArchiMate?

As a follow-on to a recent “How to I model X using ArchiMate” question in the LinkedIn ArchiMate group  (Modelling Blockchain technology), there are some standard questions that need to be answered before one can provide a good answer to a “How to I model X using ArchiMate” question:

  • In terms of level of detail, are you looking for a
    • Conceptual architecture view
    • Logical architecture view
    • Physical architecture view
    • Ecosystem view
  • Which architecture layers are you primarily interested in?
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Enterprise Architecture Strategy
    • Business Architecture
    • Application Architecture
    • Technology Architecture
    • Physical Architecture
    • Implementation and Migration Plan
    • …or, in the case of the Blockchain example, are you interested in a model of the entire ecosystem?

For example, at the highest level, are you interested in an ArchiMate representation of an entire ecosystem? …the Blockchain ecosystem, in this example.


Figure 1. Blockchain Ecosystem (2016)

…or the following? …a conceptual ArchiMate model of the Blockchain protocol (which is the key technical essence or differentiator that Blockchain represents).


Figure 2. Blockchain Protocol: Conceptual Architecture

…or something in between like the following process model (if represented in ArchiMate)? For example, the following diagram is a standard diagram used in a large number of Blockchain presentations.


Figure 3. “How Blockchain Works” Process Model

Best regards,
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Parallelspace Corporation

*ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group.


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