Facts, Opinions, and Folklore: A Preliminary Taxonomy

Copyright (c) 2021 Michael Herman (Alberta, Canada) – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

This preliminary taxonomy attempts to characterize the differences between facts, options, folklore, and related terminology. Your feedback is appreciated.

  • Facts
    • True Facts – Truths – Hard Facts – 100% true
    • False Beliefs – believed to be true but are, in fact, false
    • Fake Facts – knowingly or purposely 0% true (100% false)
  • Perturbations of the Facts
    • Misunderstood Facts
    • Misconceived Facts
    • Misstated or Miscommunicated Facts
  • Opinions
    • Feedback that may or may not be true
    • Vague
    • Poor recollected
    • Subjective opinions
    • Humorous/satirical
  • Folklore
    • Feedback originating with a fourth party and passed on by a third-party

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