“Truly Collaborative Business Solutions” for Groove Workspace from Parallelspace Corporation

(1/5) @Ray Ozzie on the importance of understanding one’s self… This, to me personally, is the most impactful of all of Ray’s #CHMFellows #vignettes. https://instagram.com/p/CMf8X_SJdFw/

(2/5) Took me a long time to figure out who I am …in fact, it took until just recently. I’m a #FirstPrinciples Thinker: https://hyperonomy.com/2021/03/10/first-principles-thinking/
…which can be a huge frustration to me and those around me when you aren’t cognizant of who you are. Thank you @Ray Ozzie #CHMFellows

(3/5) For example, remember the Groove Tool development environment Parallelspace Corporation created using an the C Preprocessor and the (depreciated) Microsoft Visual Interdev web development platform (a precursor to Visual Studio)? #FirstPrinciples Thinking. #CHMFellows

(4/5) Groove Tools like Parallelspace eMail …the fully functional version of Microsoft Outlook that ran transparently inside a Groove workspace. #FirstPrinciples Thinking. #CHMFellows

(5/5) And many, many other custom Groove tools based on #FirstPrinciples Thinking. Thank you @Ray Ozzie

(6/5) …all accomplished with my trusted colleague Sanjay Malhotra. Great times. 🙂

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