Is the Social Evolution Model Harmful?

Almost 2 years ago when I created and documented the Social Evolution models for Technology Adoption, I never dreamed that I would be writing an article with the above title.

Paraphrasing, the Social Evolution model states:

A #wanderer is someone who leaves their tribe to share their knowledge and wisdom with others; to later form a party of explorers to explore and conquer a common set of goals; and, even further on, create a clan, a band, a tribe, and a tribal society, a group of people who live and work together – a group of tribes organized around kinships.

The Social Evolution model was first documented (illustrated) here: click Social Evolution and Technology Adoption.

Later, the model was added to the list of what became 2 of the 20+ models in the article: Technology Adoption Models: A Comprehensive Guide as:

  • Model 2a: Social Evolution: Creation of Nation State, and
  • Model 2b. Social Evolution: Defining Principles.

Model 2a appears below followed by Model 2b.

Model 2a: Social Evolution: Creation of a Nation State
Model 2b: Social Evolution: Defining Principles

What I didn’t realize is that I was also defining a framework for a new political spectrum:

  • True decentralization/self-sovereignty on the far left
  • Complete authoritarian centralization on the far right

…and hence, a new Social Evolution model.

Model 2c. Social Evolution: Self-Sovereignty Political Spectrum

Is the Social Evolution model harmful? No, not at all …as long as it remains helpful in illuminating new concepts like the Self-Sovereignty Political Spectrum.

What is your self-sovereignty political affiliation? Are you:

  • A decentralized/self-sovereign sheep (that needs to be protected by default), or
  • An authoritarian centralizationist wolf (ready to devour your sheep mates)?

…or are you a centrist?

Have a great day.

The mind once enlightened, cannot be darkened” – Thomas Paine

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