Clique Speak (#CliqueSpeak)

Clique: Definition


Cliquism: Definition

  • Supporting the development and/or existence of a clique (see above)
  • The tendency to associate in cliques; the spirit of cliques

#CliqueSpeak: Definition

  • Degrading, derogatory, and/or any type of speech that seeks to limit conversations to a select group of insiders and/or exclude outsiders from entering into existing conversations or from creating new conversations

Credentials Community Group 2018 Survey Results (March 2019 Report)

CCG 2018 EOY Survey Results Report-Key Points

Click here to download a full copy of the Credentials Community Group 2018 End of Year Survey Results (March 2019) report.

10 Real-Life Examples of #CliqueSpeak

These real-life examples are provided as educational training resources with the intent that we can have less #CliqueSpeak across CCG in the future.

  1. “…it’s not like we’re considering any of those topics for the first time.”
  2. “We may want to limit discussion if people that are new to the work, such as yourself, insist on rehashing things that we’ve already discussed.”
  3. “I know it will take time for you to trust that we’re trying to do the right thing for the community, Web, and Internet in general.”
  4. “Unfortunately, trust of that level takes months to years to develop and regular interaction and demonstrating over time that we have the best interests of the community at heart is all we can do to make you believe that we’re trying to do the right thing here.”
  5. “There are things that have strong consensus, such as dereferencing a DID gives you a DID Document.”
  6. “It’s incredibly difficult to navigate all of that if you haven’t been a part of the community since it’s beginning…”
  7. “There are discussions that keep coming up repeatedly that many in the community have explored multiple times and so rehashing those discussions is not useful if there is consensus on the topic.”
  8. “We’ve been having these topical discussions for a few years now and we’re probably through most of them.”
  9. “We need to be careful to not retread territory that we’ve already covered.”
  10. “You are also potentially re-opening discussions that we have consensus on, so we need to be careful not to do that because if we do that, lots of decisions that were finalized end up being reopened and we’ll waste a tremendous amount of time coming back to the same conclusion we came to many months/years ago.”

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