#iDIDit: Indy-SDK getting_started.py Visualizations v0.12 (Light Table)

Michael Herman (Toronto/Calgary/Seattle)
Hyperonomy Business Blockchain Project / Parallelspace Corporation
January 2019

Draft document for discussion purposes.
Update cycle: As required – sometimes several times in a single day.

indy-sdk-getting-started-0.0 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-1.0 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-1.1 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-1.2 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-1.3 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-1.4 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-2.1 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-2.2 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-2.3 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-2.4 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-3.0 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-4.0 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-5.0 v0.10indy-sdk-getting-started-6.0 v0.10















Best regards,
Michael Herman (Toronto/Calgary/Seattle)

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