#Graphitization of Ray Dalio’s Principles: Iteration 2

COPYRIGHT © 2016-2017 by Michael Herman, Toronto Canada. All rights reserved.

This article is the third in a series on #Graphitization. Click here to explore the other articles in this series.

Iteration 2 is a small iteration that had a goal of improved key phrase-based exploration and visualization of The Principles of Ray Dalio.  This iteration builds on the ModelMate model of The Principles described earlier in this series: #Graphitization of Ray Dalio’s Principles: Iteration 1 and represents a significant improvement in terms of understanding which principles are realized by specific combinations of key phases.

Iteration 2 uses the same query used in Iteration 1. This time, the Linkurious graph visualization app is used to display the subgraph of all Topics, Principles, Subprinciples, Commentary, Questions, etc. directly or indirectly related to the key phrases “radically” and “transparent”. This concept is represented by the following simple query:

MATCH path =
 WHERE phrase.Phrase CONTAINS "radical"
 OR phrase.Phrase CONTAINS "transparen"
 RETURN path;

The Principles subgraph containing all elements that are directly or indirectly related to the key phrases “radically” and “transparent” is shown below (click to enlarge).

ModelMate-Ray-Dalio-Radically Transparent.png

Figure 1. All Topics, Principles, Subprinciples, etc. with Traceability to the Key Phases “radically” and “transparent”

The underlying graph is implemented using the ModelMate framework and implemented using the Neo4j graph database.

Best regards,

Michael Herman (Toronto)
Parallelspace Corporation


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7 responses to “#Graphitization of Ray Dalio’s Principles: Iteration 2

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  3. On January 3, 2016, Ray Dalio wrote a scathing (and justified) critique of fake news, the WSJ, the article I referenced above as well as its the two WSJ authors. Here’s a link to his reply:
    The Fake and Distorted News Epidemic and Bridgewater’s Recent Experience With The Wall Street Journal
    This doesn’t change the original positive intent and purpose of this project. While the WSJ article served as the tipping point for initiating the Graphitization of Ray Dalio’s Principles project, the project doesn’t attempt to present Bridgewater or Ray Dalio in any sort of negative way. I trust this is understood.
    Best regards,
    Michael Herman (Toronto)
    p.s. This project wasn’t mentioned in neither the WSJ article nor Dalio’s critique.


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  7. pedrortm

    Thanks for sharing your work and process Michael, very cool. I wish to model the principles in a Graph as well, and it seems you already have! Would you be willing to share the dabatase?


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