Web 7.0 Application Note: “DIDFax” Windows Printer Driver Scenario

Copyright (c) 2022 Michael Herman (Alberta, Canada) – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

The purpose of this Web 7.0 application note is to describe the “DIDFax” Windows Printer Driver scenario within the context of a cardiac specialty physician’s clinical setting. The “DIDFax” Windows Printer Driver solution concept uses DIDComm Messages, DIDComm Message Attachments, and DIDComm Agents using Layer 6 of the Web 7.0 DIDComm-ARM model[1].

This document was produced to address the following goals:

  • Illustrate how a DIDComm Agent-based software system can deliver high business value by solving a communications problem within the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Illustrate how Web 7.0 DIDComm-ARM models and DIDComm Notation can be used to assist in the design and visualization of DIDComm Agent-based software systems.

NOTE: The solution concept (see Download below) is made possible by using DIDComm, DIDComm Messaging, and DIDComm Agents (as described in the DIDComm-ARM). The solution concept is not achievable using the classical notion of a digital identity wallet.


[1] Web 7.0 DIDComm Agent Architecture Reference Model (DIDComm-ARM)


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