MS Azure is a bit of a bucket of bolts …very good bolts …but relative to the other IoT vendors, a bucket of bolts.

Michael Herman: Yes, there’s lots of “stuff” but I don’t see any content that targets Architects in the same effective ways that the [other vendor] content does. MS Azure is a bit of a bucket of bolts …very good bolts …but relative to the other IoT vendors, a bucket of bolts. Where’s the equivalent of a Google map that shows me the least cost or least complexity or hyper-performant architectures for receiving events, processing them through an easily composable and implementable pipeline of post-processing steps, and then persist the results and make them available through Power BI? …without constantly having to dig through the bucket or using Web Jobs as band-aids between every pair of Azure services?

Microsoft: Michael – are these more of what you had in mind:
The Azure IoT Suite preconfigured solutions are actually implementations of the IoT Suite Reference Architecture you refer to above.
Thanks for the feedback, we’re actually discussing having more of an architectural center right now internally – can you provide more information on what you’d like to see?

Michael Herman: What does Nirvana look like? An Expedia-like traveling booking experience for all of Microsoft Azure where I provide my departure point, destination(s), and all the points in between (stopovers) and Microsoft produces a series of “flight options” (detailed architectures with *diagrams* and customizable blueprint/recipe documentation) where each option is differentiated by Azure cost, complexity, and performance …just like booking a flight. I get to choose the option (aka architecture) that suits my requirements and budget. Simple 😉

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